Show and hide the text Shortcode with simple effect. Compatible with Bootstrap (2-4) and Foundation (5-6) and MORE customization! Simple «Read More» block.

Inside this shortcode working others shortcodes!

Translateble, working with Multilingual plugins as WPML and Polylang — just translate buttons text inside the installing multilingual plugin;

Usage: [vdz_show_more vdz_show_text=»SHOW» vdz_hide_text=»HIDE»] Content [/vdz_show_more]

All Shortcode params:

vdz_content_class = -> CSS CLASS for hidden content

vdz_show_text = Show -> default TEXT for SHOW button

vdz_hide_text = Hide -> default TEXT for HIDE button

vdz_btn_class = -> custom CSS CLASS for buttons

vdz_only_btn_class = on || off -> used only «vdz_btn_class»

vdz_btn_align = left -> default text align for buttons

vdz_btn_color = black -> default text color in buttons: you can use rgb/rgba/HEX or name of color — all using in CSS «color» values

vdz_control_class = -> parent control block CSS CLASS

vdz_show_btn_class = -> custom CSS CLASS for SHOW button

vdz_hide_btn_class = ->custom CSS CLASS for HIDE button

vdz_effect_duration = -> use the simple effect for Showing or Hidden content block. A string (slow / fast) or number (100 = 100 millisecond) determining how long the animation will run. USE: «[vdz_show_more vdz_effect_duration=»slow»] Content [/vdz_show_more]»


VDZ SHOW MORE - фото 1