Simple CallBack Shortcode with customization and phone mask. Compatible with Bootstrap / Foundation / WPML / Polylang. SEND events to Google Analytics

VDZ CallBack - фото 1

Translateble, working with Multilingual plugins as WPML and Polylang.

Usage: [vdz_cb]popup button[/vdz_cb]

You can use a lot of shortcodes button for VDZ Call Back:
[vdz_cb]popup button 1[/vdz_cb]
[vdz_cb]<span class=»my_custom_class»>popup button 2</span>[/vdz_cb]
[vdz_cb]popup button 3[/vdz_cb]

Use in php: <?php echo do_shortcode(‘[vdz_cb]popup button 1[/vdz_cb]’);?>
or: <?=do_shortcode(‘[vdz_cb]popup button 1[/vdz_cb]’);?>

TEST your Shortcode whith param in admin on Settings plugin page